Cosmas Indicopleustes: Christian Topography
Procopius of Caesarea: Secret History
Liutprand of Cremona: Report on Mission to Constantinople
Michael Psellus: Chronographia
Anna Comnena: Alexiad
Strategos: Sack of Jerusalem
Paradise of The Desert Fathers
Vitae Patrum: Lives of the Fathers
Orthodox Canon Law
Basil: On the Holy Spirit
Athanasius: On the Incarnation

John of Damascus: In Defense of Icons

John Chrysostom: Homilies Against the Jews
John Chrysostom: Easter Sermon
John Chrysostom: Concerning Lowliness of Mind
John Chrysostom: Treatise on the Priesthood

Historical Overview
    Byzantine Empire
    Byzantium During the Crusades
    Explore Byzantium
    Emperor Constantine I

    Byzantium Timeline
    Early Centuries of the Greek Roman East
    Fall of Constantinople
    Chronology of the Eastern Roman Empire
    World Civilizations: Byzantine Empire

    History of the Orthodox Church
    Chronology of Eastern Orthodox Christianity
    Orthodox Church Seven Ecumenical Councils
    Electronic Journal of Mithraic Studies
    Byzantium Confronted by Islam
    Orthodox Church Calendar

    Orthodox Monasticism and Patristics

    Byzantine Monastic Foundation

Art and Architecture
    Byzantine Religious Music
    Byzantine Dress c.1000 ad
    Introduction to Byzantine Art
    Byzantine Architecture
    Byzantine Icon Gallery
    Christian Architecture in Jerusalem
    Russian Church Architecture
    Hagia Sophia
    Byzantium Coins
    Coinage of the Byzantine Empire
    Byzantine Archaeological Sites
    Byzantine Music and Chant
    Byzantine Archaeological Sites

Maps & Monuments
    Byzantine Empire in the Sixth Century
    Maps of the Byzantine Empire
    Byzantine Monuments: Churches and Monasteries