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Historical Jesus & the Early Jesus Movement
    Ministry of St. Paul
    From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
    Into His Own: Perspective on the World of Jesus
    The Jewish Roman World of Jesus
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    The Ecole Initiative: Encyclopedia of Early Christianity
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Early Church and the Fathers
    Writings of the Saints and Church
    New Advent: The Fathers of the Church
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Antiquity, Medieval Christendom, and Reformation
    Resource for Studying the Church of the Middles Ages
    Internet Medieval Sourcebook
    St. Dominic and His Work
    Aristotle and the Christian Church
    Monasticism in Medieval Christianity


    Byzantium: Faith and Power

    Church in the Early Middle Ages
    Church in the High Middle Ages
    Overview of the Early Middle Ages
    Overview of the High Middle Ages
    Overview of the Renaissance
    Project Wittenberg
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    Hanover Historical Texts Project
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    John Knox and the Scottish Reformation
    Center for Reformation & Renaissance Studies
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    Rollman’s Reformation Index
    Jews in Medieval Christendom
    Overview of the Protestant Reformation

Enlightenment, Modernity, and Beyond
    Overview of the Enlightenment
    The Philosophes
    The First Great Awakening
    Jonathon Edwards
    George Whitefield
    Sermons of John Wesley
    The Wesleys and Their Times
    JCSM Study Center: Methodism
    Infoplease: Methodism
    The Second Great Awakening
    Radical Movements of the Second Great Awakening
    American Holiness Movement
    Barton Stone
    Disciples of Christ Church