Religious Texts

Hadith of Bukhari
Sunan Abu-Dawud
Malik's Muwatta
Hadith on Fasting
Revival of Religious Sciences
Zamakhshari: Discoverer of Truth
Peshawar Nights
Masanavi Book
Companions of the Prophet
History & Government
Pact of Umar
Rightly Guided Caliphs
Arab Ambassador in Constantinople
Ruminations and Reminiscences
Baghdad Under the Abbasids
Book of Golden Meadows
Experiences of the Nations
Literature & Poetry
Selections of the Poets of Arabia
Al Hariri: Maqamat
One Thousand and One Nights
Arabian Nights
Nizámu'l Mulk: On the Courtiers and Familiars of Kings
Battuta: Travels in Asia & Africa

General Resources
    Articles and Pillars of Islam
    Islamic World to 1600
    Islam: Empire of Faith
    Brief Chronology of Muslim History
    Elementary Study of Islam
    An Islamic Catechism
    Islam: A World Civilization

Early History
    Muhammad: Prophet and Statesman
    Muhammad: Prophet of Allah
    Muhammad's Last Sermon
    Early Islamic Conquests
    Islamic History From 570 to 1000

Ottoman Empire
    World Civilizations: Ottoman Empire
    Ottoman Website
    Discover the Ottomans
    Ottoman Sultans and Caliphs
    Maps of the Ottoman Empire
    Maps of Expansion & Decline of the Ottoman Empire

Art and Architecture
    Islamic Art
    Museum of Islamic Art
    Islamic Architecture
    History of Islamic Architecture
    Islamic Dress
    Women Dress Code in Islam: An Apology

Law, Technology and Medicine
    Islamic Political Philosophy
    Islamic Law and Justice
    Contributions of Islam to Medicine
    Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts