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Israelites and Israelite Religion
    History of the Hebrew Culture
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    Israelite Kings Date Chart
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Jews and Early Judaism
    Jewish Studies at McGill University
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Rabbinic and Contemporary Judaism
    Jewish Studies at McGill University
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    Guide For the Perplexed by Moses Maimonides
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    Declaration Principles of Reform Judaism

    Guiding Principles of Reform Judaism

    Maimonides-I believe
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    JPS Bible
    Medieval Jewish Life
    Legislation affecting the Jews from 300-800 AD
    Sefer Yetzirah
    Judah Ha-Levi: The Kuzari, part I
    Notes on Medieval Judaism from Calgary U
    General Issues in the Study of Jewish Mysticism
    Maimonides: The Laws and Basic Principles

Ordinances and Action affecting the Jews
    Justinian: Novella 146: On Jews
    Roman Sources on the Jews and Judaism
    Julian and the Jews 361-363 CE
    Legislation affecting the Jews from 300-800 AD
    Jews and the Later Roman Law 315-531 CE
    The Black Death and the Jews 1348-1349 CE
    Antiochus Strategos: The Sack of Jerusalem (614)
    The Expulsion of the Jews from France, 1182 CE
    English Jewry: The Ordinances of the Jews, 1194