Rev. Dr. Herbert Hoefer

Missions Chair


Ministry Partners : Northwest District of the LCMS (NW District); Concordia University (CU)

Purpose :  To seek and to save the lost in the Pacific Rim

Guiding Principles

•  Develop strategies to share Christ with people of other faiths.

•  Provide leadership in missiology, for the Northwest Dt. and LCMS World Mission

•  Conduct research on mission issues

•  Develop training programs in mission outreach

•  Provide a link between LCMS World Mission, the Northwest Dt., and Concordia University-Portland

Immediate Objectives 

NW District:

•  Serve as "Resident Theologian"

•  Provide leadership to the development and strategies for ethnic ministries

•  Reinforce Tracking the Spirit/Ablaze

•  Work with LAP program

•  Develop district outreach to Pacific Rim countries

•  Support and raise funds for a Chair in Missions at CU


Concordia University :

•  Teach classes, particularly courses related to missiology

•  Supervise the Minor in Missions track

•  Provide leadership to the Mission Institute (including the Mission Festival, Beautiful Feet Conference, student mission trips)

•  Develop and teach techniques for sharing Christ with people of other faiths.

•  Support and raise funds for a Chair in Missions at CU

Sources to pay for compensation:

•  Partners:; CU - 80%; NW District - 20%

•  Endowment: Replaces partner contributions proportionally as funding is procured.