June 23-25, 2005 1st Assembly of God Moanalua

Purpose – To support the Churches of Hawai`i in their efforts to reveal Christ to the nations by hosting a conference on the scriptural, historically proven, extremely effective, but little understood Culture Specific and Culture Based Evangelism. We are bringing to Hawaii some of the top experts in this field. The caliber of speakers and worship teams at this conference has already attracted world-wide attention. People from Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and Africa have already expressed interest in attending.

The conference will also cover Culture Specific/Based ways to reveal Christ to the three most difficult types of people to reach, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus.

Conference Speakers:

Don Richardson – Many consider Don to be the father of modern Culture Based and Culture Specific Evangelism. As a young man, Don was a missionary to the unreached Sawi people in New Guinea. They were a tribe of headhunting cannibals who esteemed treachery as their highest ideal. When he was finally able to share the Gospel story in their language, they began to worship Judas because he was so treacherous. God showed Don a signpost that pointed to Him even within a culture that seemed so unredeemable. When Don preached the Gospel again using this Culture Based Evangelism tool, they accepted Christ en masse. The Sawi are now a tribe of Jesus worshippers instead of Judas worshippers. Find out what caused this complete turn around. Don is one of the most sought after and respected missionary speakers in the world. He wrote two best selling books, “The Peace Child” and “Lords of the Earth,” and Christian Review’s Christy Award winner, “Eternity in Their Hearts.” He is also a contributor to the “Perspectives” curriculum for the U.S. Center for World Missions. Don has recently authored a book on understanding the Muslim world called “Secrets of the Koran.”

Herbert Hoefer - Rev. Dr. Herbert Hoefer served for 15 years as a missionary of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod to India. He currently is a Professor of Theology at Concordia University, Portland, Oregon, and LCMS Area Director for

India and Sri Lanka. He is also the chairman of the “Rethinking Hindu Ministry Forum.” His writings have been primarily on the subject of faith and culture, most notably in the book “Churchless Christianity” about the non-baptized believers in Christ in India. While Christian missionaries have been beaten and even killed in India by mobs of Hindus screaming, “Christianity is destroying our culture,” Dr. Hoefer and his colleagues have brought people to Jesus in a way that is respected by the Hindu people. Find out what they do.

John Dawson - President of YWAM (over 15,000 full time staff and over 100,000 short term missionaries yearly in over 600 mission bases in more than 150 nations.) Founder - International Reconciliation Coalition

Member of the Board of Regents - University of the Nations (A Bible College with over 277 campuses in 98 nations, 51 languages and 14,000 students from162 nations annually.) John and the International Reconciliation Coalition have been successful on every continent in bringing people to Christ through reconciliation. In the very same countries where Muslims have killed Christians, Christians coming in the spirit of repentance and reconciliation have been met by cheering crowds and asked to speak in mosques by Imam. Find out why.

Richard Twiss – Richard is the president of Wiconi International and author of the book, “One God, Many Tribes.” By teaching about Jesus in a Native American way, Richard and his colleagues have been effective in revealing Christ to his people and to people groups on every continent. At the 2nd World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People, hosted by Richard and his colleagues, a Native American woman who was protesting the Gathering with a sign saying, “Christianity is Genocide,” accepted Jesus with many others. In Muslim Pakistan, 11000 people came to see the Native Americans and 4200 accepted Christ. Find out how.

Daniel Kikawa – Daniel Kikawa, B.S., PhM, is the president of Aloha Ke Akua Ministries and a board member of the International Reconciliation Coalition. Aloha Ke Akua Ministries has played a major role in changing the concept of the gospel among a majority of Hawaiians from being the “foreign enemy” to being “our Hawaiian gospel and source of hope.” Daniel has taught thousands of missionaries and his materials are being used in missionary schools, seminaries, churches and Bible colleges around the world. London Bible College, the largest Bible Seminary in Europe is using material from the “Cross-Cultural Evangelism Game” in their missiology classes. Ed Silvoso called his book, “Perpetuated in Righteousness,” “One of the best books I have every read.” Daniel has been focusing his recent research on reaching Japan, Thailand and Buddhists. Find out what he has learned.


Broken Walls – Broken Walls has led worship concerts around the world and produced five CDs. Their excellence in skill is matched only by their passionate spirit to lift up Jesus alone. This has made them a rare and much sought after worship team. Their Native American fusion worship brings a new “flavor” and anointing to our usual western worship style. Their worship concert blew away 20,000 Urbana '03 delegates last year at the largest missions conference in the U.S.

Na Kahu – Hawaiian Worship team made up of Kahu (Pastors) featured on the CD “Aloha Ke Akua,” and members of the worship team from the “4th World Christian Gathering on Indigenous Peoples” in Hilo.

Experience worship that people at the Gathering in Hilo called: “Like worshipping in Black and White and then in Color!” or “A touch of Heaven when every tribe, nation and tongue will be worshipping around the throne in unity.” and “Like the colors of the rainbow focused on Jesus alone! It cannot be expressed in words. It must be experienced.”

Worship in dance! – Besides hula and Native American dancers, we expect dancers from many parts of the world to attend.

Breakout workshop and question and answer sessions on Culture Based and Culture Specific Evangelism, reaching Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims, reconciliation, what can be used from a culture as is, what can be used with cleansing, what cannot be used and how to tell the difference, breaking the three cords that bind indigenous peoples from Christ, indigenous worship, dance and more!

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